Cool Paint

Energy efficiency is available in a variety of products, and cool paint is one of the many accessible choices for your home.

Cool paint is a sun-reflective paint that is highly engineered, formulated and designed to meet the standard of infrared reflectivity and the long-term durability requirements.

Using cool paint, a total change of your entire roof for energy efficiency is not required. Cool pain consists of coatings that are very thick, which enables it to protect the roof surface from UV light and chemical damage. In addition, cool paints also provide some water protection and restorative features. Another added perk of cool pain is its heat repellant capabilities, which will help keep your home cooler. This energy saving paint is ideal for homes and buildings in states where the weather is usually sunny and hot all-year round.

Benefits of Cool Paint:

  • Save up to 21.9% in cooling costs
  • Reduce home temperatures by 40%
  • Protection from outside elements
  • Highly resistant to fading
  • Various colors to choose from
  • 10 times thicker than regular paint
  • Patented infrared heat reflective technology

As stated by our mission statement, these are our promises to you:

  • Rebates & Incentives
  • Increased property value
  • All Credit Scores are Welcome!
  • Go green and save green!
  • Zero down financing available with No Payments until December 2019*!
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